Festoon Lights

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Festoon Lights 20m with 20 lights.
H05VV-F 2*0.75mm2 Black 20M with 20pcs of E27 sockets 0.835M between 2 sockets 2M from plug to the first socket 0.5M from last socket to connector 24pcs G40 11W Edison bulbs per box.

Festoon Lights

If you’re here looking for high-quality festoon lighting to brighten up your event or your home, then this is the right place for you. Whether you want to add some sparkle to your party or simply want to enjoy a cosy ambience at home in Australia, festoon lighting is an excellent choice.

This type of lighting might be just the thing that your outdoor events or your home have been missing this whole time. Here, you can find the perfect festoon lighting for your decorative needs. After all, you can change any area from mediocre to gorgeous by just using some simple festoon lighting!

What Is Festoon Lighting?

Like fairy lights, festoon lights should remind you of fairgrounds, weddings and parties. Simply put, festoon lights are those oversized bulb garland lights that usually emit warm whites or multiple colours. You’re sure to have seen this type of fairy-like lighting at some point in your life.

Festoon lights are incredibly popular nowadays for brightening up indoor and outdoor parties or even to simply drape in bedrooms or gardens to create a more inviting atmosphere. They come in multiple lengths, sizes, and globes to give you the lighting you need for your outdoor or indoor space.

The word ‘festoon’ refers to a ‘chain or garland of flowers, leaves, or ribbons, hung in a curve as a decoration’. So, festoon lights are a unique style of electric lighting that feature multiple individual globes hanging off a cable. This cable typically hangs in curves – suspended between multiple points or fixtures. This allows the festoon globes to hang in beautiful arches along the cable, creating lovely, soft lines of light.

Because of this stunning visual effect that immediately adds a magical atmosphere to a space, festoon lights have become known as ‘party lights’ or ‘café lights’.

This type of lighting design is very similar to fairy lights. But, the globes are usually much bigger. Where fairy lights usually make use of small, LED bulbs, festoon globes are bigger and have a more heavy-duty design.

All About Festoon Lighting
Outdoor Festoon Light Globes

Festoon lighting varies quite a bit and there is a range of different options to choose from. But, most festoon string lights feature LED globes.

LED lights bulbs make use of a semiconductor gadget that converts electricity to light. These low-voltage LED globes often have a longer lifespan than other light bulbs. So, you won’t need to frequently change them!

Not only that but LED light bulbs use less energy for the same level of brightness as other bulbs. This means that you can save some money on your electricity bill with their low voltage, while still enjoying the stunning ambience of string festoon lighting in your home, garden or at your event.

LED festoon lighting can give a beautiful, vintage feel to your space. They can feature old-school filaments, which are very in right now! So, these string lights are perfect for sprucing up any occasion and should be your first choice of décor.

Festoon Light Colours

There are also many different colour options you can choose depending on the function of the lighting or the kind of mood you want to set. For example, if your outside garden gets incredibly dark and you want to brighten it up, then bright white festoon lighting would be perfect for you.

On the other hand, if you aim to set a more romantic and cosy mood without making the area too bright, using the warm white glow lighting would be a great option.

Are Outdoor Festoon Lights Waterproof?

The answer is both yes and no depending on the seller you buy your Festoon lights from. Festoon lights can be waterproof but it’s important to note that not all string festoon lighting is waterproof. Our Festoon lights are IP44 rated meaning they are fine to be outside however cannot be fully submerged in water.

Fortunately, there are festoon lights designed for outdoor use that can withstand harsher weather. If you want to know which lighting product is right for rainy weather, it’s best that you look at the IP (Ingress Protection) rating of the lights before purchasing them.

By looking at the IP rating of the product, you will have a better idea of how well protected your outdoor lights are against any wet outdoor weather conditions in Australia.

Outdoor Festoon Lighting For Sale Australia

Festoon lights are a great choice for many occasions. They are especially sought-after for weddings because they work well in wedding venues and marquees and can be more effective than fairy lights in a big space.

But, they aren’t just for weddings. Whether you want to add a more festive feel to your Australian Christmas or light up your outdoor area for when you have family and friends over, outdoor festoon lighting can bring a touch of magic to any occasion! White festoon globes are just the thing to add something special and fairy-like to your house or event.

If you would like to host a few outdoor parties or commercial events during the summer months, then hanging a few strings of festoon lighting would be the best way to start.

Festoon globes are a cost-effective way to create a unique and fun ambience for your event. They’re also incredibly easy to set up. Simply choose from a range of available lengths, hang or drape the cable where you want it and light it up!

Buy Festoon Lights Online In Australia

If you’re looking for affordable, high-quality festoon lights, then look no further! No matter what length you need, choice of LED or incandescent globes, or even the voltage, these string lights are ideal for creating a magical, fairy-like atmosphere.

With warm white globes and glowing filaments, garden festoon lighting can give a fun and festive feel to any event. Whether you want string festoon lighting to beautify a special occasion or simply just as a way to light up your outdoor area in Australia, we have what you are looking for.

Shop our range of string festoon lighting in our online store and see what’s available. Now’s the time to take charge of your decorative needs and fill your shopping cart with these easy-to-install festoon lights and place your order today!


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