ATV Aluminum Loading Folding Ramps Truck Motorcycle Motor Bike Arched Ramp 680KG
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ATV Aluminum Loading Folding Ramps Truck Motorcycle Motor Bike Arched Ramp 680KG

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ATV Aluminum Loading Folding Ramps Truck Motorcycle Motor Bike Arched Ramp 680KG

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Product Description:

High quality aluminium ramp kits suitable for ATV’s, Motorcycles and Ride On Lawnmowers.

  • 680kg per pair
  • Raised Edge
  • Anti slip loading points
  • 6061 Aluminium Alloy Material
  • Double side welded joints
  • Foldable joints
  • Support straps included

Box Dimensions: 117 x 28 x 31cm

Weight: 16KG



ATV Ramps

Loading heavy-duty equipment, such as an ATV, onto a vehicle can be a difficult and somewhat dangerous task. For those family weekends away, transporting your ATV or other big equipment can be tricky without the correct ATV loading ramps.

Whether you are travelling to a work site or your favourite trailhead, safely transporting your all-terrain vehicle is of utmost importance. From loading your ATV to securing and unloading it, there are many precautions you should take. Loading an ATV is somewhat of an art so you need to select the best products to aid you on your next adventure.

Whether you plan to tow your ATV, quad bike or large equipment, or simply connect it onto the back of your truck, you will most certainly need a loading ramp that is designed to carry the full weight of your ride.

Below, we have created a concise guide to help you find the best quality ATV loading ramps available in Australia. From dual runners to folding ramps and other key products, we will make your search easier to ensure that loading your ATV is as simple and safe as possible.


What Are ATV Ramps?

For all-terrain vehicle owners, finding the right ATV ramp is a solid investment. ATV ramps are designed to help you get your ATVs, motorbikes, quad bikes or other vehicles, onto the back of your van or truck. The main purpose is to make the moving process that much easier, allowing you to transport just about any large scale vehicle from one place to another.

Not only is convenience a big aspect when purchasing an ATV ramp, but more importantly, ATV ramps ensure that you are kept safe at all times. By using one, you can avoid the risk of damaging your back. Additionally, ATV ramps will ensure that nothing falls onto you while trying to transport your ATV or other large vehicles. All you need to get them off-road is your vehicle or trailer and the rest is easy as 1,2,3.

When purchasing your first ATV ramp it is most important to find one that meets all your specific requirements. More importantly, your ATV ramp should make the transporting process easier, more convenient and as safe as possible.

Types Of ATV Ramps

Loading ramps for ATVs are either made of steel or aluminium and come in a range of design styles. While steel is slightly cheaper, stronger and more resilient, it is also heavier and is prone to rust. Lighter aluminium loading ramps are generally easier to use and more corrosion resistant with more functional capabilities – making them a top choice.

While there are many brands and prices, the most important thing when buying an ATV loading ramp is to know exactly what you are loading and which ramp will make this easier and safer for you.

Below are the main types of ATV ramps available:

Dual Runner Ramps

This is one of the most common designs of ATV loading ramps and is convenient for two-wheelers and four-wheelers, alike. Featuring two individual ramps, it is easy to get the right spacing and positioning between the ramps to ensure that all your vehicle’s weight is supported and balanced.

Some of these ramps offer folding capabilities but generally feature a straight design that can sometimes lack extra weight and folding joints.

They’re a top choice if you have different types of off-road vehicles that you need to load onto your trailer. Not to mention, they can handle greater capacities. They do require some extra work as you are responsible for lining them up correctly but they offer more forgiveness on uneven terrain than folding ramps do.

Bi-fold Ramps

These tend to be narrower in comparison to the typical dual-runner or tri-fold setups. This single loading ramp can fold in half, length-wise, offering more compact transport and storage.

When folded, bifold ramps have a similar profile as a single-runner ramp. On the other hand, unfolded, this ramp is wide enough to fit just about any ATV or dirt bike but can be too narrow for wider side-by-sides.

Trifold Ramps

Trifold ramps usually offer the entire width of an ATV and are ideal to load larger vehicles and equipment. These ramps can fold three times lengthwise. Due to this design, they can offer a much wider diameter than bifold ramps.

Trifold ramps include multiple folding joints and segments, Trifold ramps can be somewhat heavier and harder to maneuver than dual runners or bi-fold ramps.

Why Purchase An ATV Ramp?

Below are some of the main reasons why we recommend that you purchase one to make transporting your ATV quick and easy.

Easy Transportation

Nowadays, most people want to enjoy their motorised vehicles, quad bikes and toys far from home. For this reason, transporting these large vehicles can be tricky, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be.

One of the main benefits of purchasing your own ATV ramp is to help you easily transport ATV’s, motorcycles, quad bikes and other large vehicles.


It is no surprise that getting an ATV onto your truck or trailer is quite a difficult task. With larger vehicles with high weight capacities, there is a major risk of it falling. This can easily result in serious injuries or damaged vehicles.

For this reason, investing in a high-quality ATV ramp is a must as it will certainly make it easier to load heavy-duty equipment. More importantly, an ATV ramp will make sure you stay safe while you do so.

How To Choose The Right ATV Ramp

For those of you who plan to ride your ATV anywhere other than your home, you will need to invest in an ATV loading ramp. ATV ramps are quickly becoming essential in helping you transport these vehicles safely and efficiently.

The search for the right one can be hard, with hundreds of thousands of reviews available online and a wide variety of brands with a wide range of prices. With so many options and offers available today, it can seem like a daunting task to sort through all the available ATV ramps and identify the right one for your exact needs.

For example, should you get one made from steel or are aluminium loading ramps better? From the type of loading vehicle to the full loading weight of your ATV or other vehicles, there are many variables to consider when finding the right ramp to ensure efficiency and optimal safety.

We have created a checklist of 7 essential questions to ask yourself before purchasing an ATV loading ramp.

What Vehicle Is Being Loaded?

It is important to take note that ATVs, golf carts, UTVs and off-road vehicles (ORVs) all have varying weights, sizes, ground clearances and tire treads. Some vehicles may be wider while some may be narrower, in size.

For this reason, it is imperative to know exactly which type of heavy-duty vehicle or ATV you will be loading as well as its dimensions and features. This will immediately help you to understand the loading ramp design and size that you will require.

ATVs and UTVs feature larger tires, which generally requires an ATV loading ramp with the rung space being further apart. On the other hand, golf carts have smaller tires and therefore require an ATV ramp with rungs that are much closer together.

What Vehicle Are You Loading On?

It is also crucial to ask yourself what type of vehicle are you loading your ATV onto? Are you loading it onto a truck, trailer or flatbed? Generally, truck beds are higher than trailers, which means that a longer ramp will make it easier and safer to load your ATV.

We suggest you think long term when investing in a loading ramp. Will you only use this one vehicle or will you be loading onto other people’s trucks or trailers? If the answer is yes and you expect to use your ATV ramp to load different sized ATVs or vehicles, then we recommend you purchase a ramp that is safe for any scenario. Most importantly, the longer the ramp, the more dynamic your loading options become so it is very important to consider length.

What Is The Height Of Your Vehicle Or Trailer Bed?

For those of you who have a standard truck size, it is recommended that you search for loading ramps that are 2.5m in length or longer. For trucks that are slightly lifted, we suggest you use one with a length of 3m. If your truck is lifted more than 10cm’s, a 3.5m ramp set will be best.

If you are not exactly sure what size or length ramp you will require, we simply recommend picking a longer ramp. Having some extra length is always better as longer ramps can adapt to almost any locations and terrains in Australia.

What Is The Weight Of Your ATV?

Be sure to check your owner’s manual beforehand, or simply search online, to find out the exact weight of your vehicle. Then you can start to add up all the additional parts that contribute to the full loading weight of the ATV.

Be sure to include the driver’s weight, the weight of all additional accessories or other parts as well as any cargo that may be attached to the vehicle.

Please take note that if the total loading weight is more than the weight capacity of a ramp, you should not attempt to use it! It’s best to look at ramps with greater weight capacities to be on the safe side.


Given the climate and terrain in Australia, there are a wide variety of conditions in which you may need to load your ATV, including anything from uneven surfaces to sleet, sand or dirt.  For this reason, ATV ramps with open rungs will allow debris to fall to the ground, offering better traction during the loading process.

Having two separate ramps, one for each set of tires, instead of one large single-board ramp, will allow you to easily and safely load your ATV on bumpy, rocky or uneven surfaces.

Will You Need To Load Your ATV Alone?

It is important to consider if you will be loading your vehicle alone or with someone’s help. In the case where you have to load your ATV yourself, we recommend you purchase a longer ramp to reduce the steepness of the angle.

Safety Precautions

It is crucial that you always have the right equipment and accessories to safely load your ATV. By using a tie-down ratchet or cam buckle straps, you can easily and safely secure the ramp to the truck. By doing so you can avoid any dangerous slips or kick-outs.

ATV Ramp Safety Considerations

It is imperative to consider your safety at all times when using an ATV loading ramp. A smooth ramp can easily result in tires slipping, especially during wetter seasons. All ATV ramps come with a security strap or chain that can be connected to prevent anything from sliding off during the loading or unloaded process.

To minimise any dangers, you should keep the ramps centred and balanced on the truck before moving anything. Make sure that you do not exceed the maximum weight capacity of your ramp. Some aluminium loading ramps don’t have as high of a weight capacity as others so always double-check.


Without a good quality ATV loading ramp, loading and unloading your large, heavy-duty vehicles or ATVs will be difficult and can even be dangerous. Loading ramps enable you to effectively and safely move heavy-duty vehicles from one place to another.

While there are many ATV ramps available online, there will definitely be certain ramps that stand out during your search. We recommend investing in an ATV loading ramp that has a solid design that offers the convenience of folding joints.

Like all products, there is a wide range of ATV ramp options for sale today, and some can be far more expensive than others. We believe that buying a sturdy and reliable, high-quality ATV loading ramp is definitely a long-term investment as this product will be with you for years to come.

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