Wheelbarrow Tyres, Tubes & Wheels

Directly2U has the outdoor equipment you’ll need to complete any work, from building to gardening, with ease. Find the appropriate wheelbarrow and wheelbarrow tyres and tubes for your job site or home.

Not just that, the flat-free wheelbarrow wheels from Directly2U are a perfect replacement wheel for wheelbarrows and garden carts due to their high load capacity and low weight. The pleasant, air-cushioned ride of the microcellular polyurethane tire allows for effortless pushing over smooth terrain. This long-lasting wheelbarrow wheel is flat-proof and requires no maintenance.

Find the proper replacement tires for your wheelbarrow, from flat-free to wheel kits to ribbed wheelbarrow tires to inner tubes, to keep your wheelbarrow running all season. Directly2U gives you peace of mind by providing high-quality wheelbarrow tires, tubes, and wheels. Explore our collection to see which one you need best!

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